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Important Information about This Application:

Thanks for supporting Skateboard Marketing Ltd. and all the artists we represent at radio. Here you can apply to join our digital delivery system for Metal and Active Rock Radio.

Please answer all questions. After submitting this form, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail. After we have verified your data and about accepting your application. Then you will receive a notification (and in the case of a successful application your login data)

Important: Our decision about accepting your application depends on if you are a Legitimate Radio Station. This includes national syndicators "With Affiliates" and AM/FM stations that physically broadcast a signal. College stations that report to the CMJ Loud Rock Charts. Or BDS & Mediabase monitored.

If you are a club DJ. You must submit weekly charts of what was played. As well as all information in regard to the venue you are employed by. You will be contacted and will be asked for a separate attachment which you will E-mail with the venue's, Mailing address, phone, fax, owner, agent and proof that the venue "Does In Fact Have A Metal Night" And you in fact are a legitimate DJ.

The audio files you will be downloading have a unique watermarked signature. This is to help the industry with anti-piracy. Each audio file you download will be registered to you! Please do not give them to anyone, post them on a file sharing site or your own personal web site. "Please call us for audio to post on your own personal widgets. Each person needs to apply for their own account.

You can use them for your iPod, iTunes, radio station system automation for airplay. As well as to rip a disc for the radio station library.

If your station's IT person is having problems with any of our audio files for their system automation, have them call us, or they can call tech support for the specific manufacturer of their system.


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